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  • 26-MAR-2014
    New Batch start for DOTNET TECH
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    New Batch start for DOTNET TECH.
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    New Batch Start for DOTNET TECH...

Welcome to SIGMATECH


Our initial endeavor is to provide unparalleled software solutions mainly focusing on the mass market of the IT sector in the India. Over the few years, this provided us with a platform to specialize our services; and allowed us to enter other sectors of the services industry. Today; we are capable of providing solutions in areas such as Software Development, Web Applications, Mobile Applications and many more.


Our Headquarters in Jaipur provides an ideal location to pool highly efficient resources, while maintaining a low overhead cost without any compromises in the quality of our service. This has resulted in the Group we are today, maintaining mutually beneficial relationships among many partnering companies from all over the globe.

Our goal is simply, to provide the best and most flexible solutions for our clients at the lowest feasible cost. 


Our Trainings


Microsoft .Net

Microsoft .Net is widely used in large scale industries for Windows Based Desktop applications, Web applications, Mobile applications and Web services. In our Training modules we will cover VB.Net and C# with live projects. We have our Window based VPS Hosting where all students will have the opportunity to keep their work live and explore all latest features of .Net 

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  Java is a high level, object-oriented, platform independent language. Java, unlike some languages before it allows for the use of words and commands instead of just symbols and numbers.
Java also allows for the creation of advanced data types called objects which represent real world things like a chair or a computer where you can set the attributes of these objects and things they do. 
Java is very flexible - it can be used to develop software as well as applets (small programs that run on web pages). But the flexibility doesn't end there because you can run the same Java programs on various operating systems without having to rewrite the code (unlike some other languages such as C and C++) thanks to the Java run-time environment which interprets Java code and tells the operating system what to do.

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PHP Training

 PHP is most popular Server side scripting language used in web development and mobile API for different application. Its used in combination with MYSQL/HTML/CSS/Javascript/Ajax/Jquery to create any Dynamic  website. PHP is an open source language which is platform independent i.e supported by all major operating systems like Window, Linux,Mac. We have different servers to use PHP based on operating system we are using like for Window we can use WAMP, for Linux lamp and for MAC, MAMP.
In Web market PHP is in great demand to create any kind of website like Ecommerce, Community, Job, Matrimonial websites.  In PHP we have basically three ways to design any website.

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Embbeded Training

Embedded systems are widespread in consumer, industrial, commercial and military applications. Telecommunications systems employ numerous embedded systems from telephone switches for the network to mobile phones at the end-user.
Computer networking uses dedicated routers and network bridges to route data.

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New Approach to Network Programmability

Enterprise Networks simplifies IT and enables new business opportunities with an open and programmable approach to networking.

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Our Sucessful Placements

Preeti Jain Megha Goyal Harshit Jain Ankur Mittal Meenakshi Chaurasia Lakki Garg Pankaj Kumar Ritu Goyal Vibha Sharma